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Vibram® - Over 75 years of innovation

Vibram is the world leader in the production and sale of high performance rubber outsoles in the markets of sport, leisure, work footwear, orthopedic and repair.


The history of Vibram dates back to 1937, when Vitale Bramani, Academic of the Italian Alpine Club, returned from a tragic alpine climb and had the brilliant idea of developing rubber hiking boot soles.  These would be produced using the same technique used by Pirelli for the production of tires. As a result the first vulcanized rubber sole and the famous Carrarmato” design was born.  This design went on to start a legacy of rubber sole designs changing footwear design forever.


Over the decades Vibram has been committed to developing a range of products that provide excellent performance in a wide range of activities including outdoor sports (such as mountaineering, motorcycling, hiking, etc. ..... trailrunning) to fashion, work and leisure.


Thanks to continuous investments in innovation, research and development, Vibram is a world leader in soling.  The yellow octagon logo symbolizes the high performance, quality and safety that Vibram is known for world wide.